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Our #1 Concern is you

At Natural Health Solutions we are dedicated to providing excellent natural health care utilizing both chiropractic and nutritional approaches. We hope that every patient who has entrusted us with their health care feels that they have been treated as an individual and that their concerns have been heard.  We are excited when there are success stories as that keeps us eager to come back to work every day.

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Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health. This type of system is clinically proven and probably different from anything you may have experienced.  If you have tried other therapies and have had minimal or no results, then this may be the right approach for you. 

On your first visit, we will begin by gathering information about your health history and consult with you about your current symptoms and concerns.  We will also conduct a Heart Rate Variability Test which provides insight into how your nervous system is functioning.  The actual Nutrition Response Testing procedure is simple and direct.  Your body will provide all of the information and feedback needed by locating active reflexes that represent areas of stress.  Those areas are analyzed to determine if you have trouble with toxins, food allergies, or other stressors. We will assess which organs may have nutritional deficiencies.  We use all this information to create a clinically designed nutrition program that is specific for you.  It is completely individualized and the assessment is very accurate and reliable.  Depending on the findings, we will recommend a specific nutritional supplement and dietary modification program to help you to eliminate symptoms and recover your health.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is the art and science of adjusting the spine for the removal of subluxations.  Subluxations are misalignments of the bones (vertebrae) in the spine that can put pressure on nerves which can cause pain and also dysfunction to the organ that the nerve supplies.  One may also experience muscle pain, stiffness, numbness or tingling.  Chiropractic adjustments help to remove these misalignments and help to relieve the symptoms.  In this office we use a gentle method of adjusting the spine which is very effective called Activator Methods.  The doctor uses an instrument that is very specific and very fast.  It is applied to the exact location and is very effective.   Actually, many joints can be adjusted using this method, such as knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and ankles.  Although good nutrition is vital for good health, so is a nervous system that is free of nerve interference.  We will determine if both chiropractic and/or nutrition is the best approach to your health goals.

Designed Clinical Nutrition

Designed Clinical Nutrition is defined as:

Designed: Especially prepared for you, based on a specific plan.
Clinical: Pertaining to the results achieved in clinical use on a multitude of patients over many years.
Nutrition: Real food, as designed by Nature, to enable the body to repair itself and become healthier.

After you receive your analysis, you will get a specifically designed nutrition program, based off the information your body provides.  Most programs include dietary suggestions (as well as whole food supplements) to aid your body in healing itself. Concentrated whole food supplements are used. These have been prepared by a unique process that preserves all of the active enzymes and vital components.