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Because Bristol: Meet alumna Laura T. Bomback, DC ’87

Laura T. Bomback, DC '87 Doctor of Chiropractic, Clinical Nutritionist and BCC Faculty Member Written by Bristol Community College alumna Cynthia G. Flanagan '99 Tell us what made you decide to come to BCC and enter the Health field: Although I was not the best student in high school, my favorite class was Biology taught by Mr. Charles Mendes who talked about health. I also had an after school job at a nursing home where the elderly residents had so many health issues that it got me thinking that being sick can’t be our only destiny. I figured that what [...]

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Healing the Thyroid at Natural Health Solutions

According to Dr. Laura Bomback of Natural Health Solutions, in Fall River, Massachusetts, many people that have a blood test to check their thyroid (TSH levels) are told it is fine, but still feel bad, with fatigue, weight changes, hair loss, anxiety/depression, fogginess, and a host of other symptoms.

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5 Worst Protein Bar Ingredients

By Whole Lifestyle Nutrition Protein convenient yet so full of garbage. They hold the promise of being healthy, easy and full of muscle-building protein.  But have you ever taken a few minutes to look at what’s actually IN them? I think you’re going to be in for a shock when you read the TRUTH about the ingredients in some of the most popular protein bars on the market right now. Let’s get right to it: 1 - Soy Protein Isolate (SPI) This is, unfortunately, one of the most prevalent protein sources you’ll find in protein bars, especially those marketed [...]

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Simple Keys To Help Harmonize Hormones

Simple Keys To Help Harmonize Hormones By Kerry Cradit, B.S. Nutrition and Food Science In our office we see a wide variety of complaints that are related to balancing hormones.  Patients tell us about their fatigue, headaches, cycle irregularities, weight gain, depression and anxiety.  All of these symptoms can be related to hormone balance.  But, in our office balancing hormones is easy because we support the organ that is under stress.  The thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, pituitary, hypothalamus, uterus, and pancreas are all hormonal organs.  By giving the organ what it needs to function properly hormonal balance is returned.  Here are [...]

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Allergy Season Is Here! Will You Be Prepared?

Yay!!...Spring is here!  Can't wait to get out there, huh?  Me, too.  Unfortunately, for some people there is a price to pay for all that outdoors...runny and itchy eyes, congestion and sore throats that come with high pollen levels.  We've seen some allergy symptoms starting and associated fatigue that comes with it. We have excellent results using Nutrition Response Testing to determine if there is an organ dysfunction underlying the allergic reaction.  We have some great supplements that can help with restoring your health, but what's most important is definitely what you eat! If you eat something that you are [...]

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10-Day Blood Sugar Program

Symptom Checker Do you have symptoms of unbalanced Blood Sugar? Fatigue Fat around belly Irritable Craving for sweets and/or coffee Afternoon headaches Lightheaded or shaky if meals delayed Excessive appetite Forgetfulness Dizziness Poor Circulation Why is Blood Sugar so important? Glucose is the medical term for sugar in the blood.  The pancreas regulates blood sugar levels by producing a substance called insulin.  Insulin carries blood sugar to the body's cells to be used as energy.  When the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin, blood sugar levels begin to rise and high blood sugar or possibly diabetes sets in.  This is [...]

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26 Reasons to Get Started Now

Top 10 Reasons 1.  We treat the cause of your health problem, not the symptoms. 2.  It costs less than your health insurance premiums. 3.  You will look and feel better. 4.  We don’t use drugs and when you get truly healthy you usually won’t need any. 5.  Your body actually gets younger. 6.  “Incurable” conditions go away 7.  Nutrition can help with women’s hormones, menopause, perimenopause, chronic pain, fatigue, sleep problems, skin rashes, arthritis, gout, bursitis, GERD, acid reflux, fibromyalgia, blood pressure, reversing diabetes and many other problems. 8. We actually look for and find parasites, a condition that [...]

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Are You A Vitamin Junkie?

Do you buy the latest supplement hoping that it’s the magic pill only to find that it really wasn’t? There is no magic cure especially with the typical vitamin supplement.  Most chemists maintain, molecule by molecule, that synthetic vitamins are identical to natural vitamins.  However, vitamins from whole foods are complexes that nature has designed and in proportion to the way the human body recognizes them.  In other words, vitamin C sold as ascorbic acid is only part of the C complex.  It is the biggest part of the complex, but not the most important part.  So why is it [...]

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