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Dr. Bomback became a chiropractor because she always wanted to be involved in some way in natural healthcare.  Since chiropractic restored her health to a higher level than it had ever been, reduced her stress and eliminated her neckache and headaches, she felt this was the best choice for her career path.  Dr. Bomback left a high-stress, well-paying job and eventually attained her goal.  Dr. Bomback set up the Natural Health Solutions practice in her hometown of Fall River, MA and has been there since 1991.

Although, most of Dr. Bomback’s patients have gotten the help they needed with chiropractic, she found that over the years, it was becoming more and more difficult to either achieve maximum improvement or it was very difficult to maintain improvement.  She came to learn that the reason for this is that the nutritional condition of an individual has a direct impact on the health of the spine and the organs.  If an organ is functioning at a non-optimum level due to nutritional deficiencies then the nervous system may not pay attention to a misaligned vertebra.  In other words, for many people, you need to address the organ in order to maintain the chiropractic adjustment.  She also discovered that  her own digestive health, which was a problem as far back as she could remember, was improved after she had her body assessed for non-optimum organs and had a clinically designed nutrition program given to her.  Once Dr. Bomback provided her body with the whole food nutrition she needed to repair, her symptoms improved.

Dr. Bomback has mastered the Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique and is an expert in Nutrition Response Testingsm.  She is looking forward to bringing this expertise to help you achieve better health.

In addition to her work as a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist, Dr. Bomback teaches anatomy and physiology at Bristol Community College.

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