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Healing the Thyroid at Natural Health Solutions

//Healing the Thyroid at Natural Health Solutions

Healing the Thyroid at Natural Health Solutions

Article courtesy of the May 2016 Issue of Natural Awakenings.

According to Dr. Laura Bomback of Natural Health Solutions, in Fall River, Massachusetts, many people that have a blood test to check their thyroid (TSH levels) are told it is fine, but still feel bad, with fatigue, weight changes, hair loss, anxiety/depression, fogginess, and a host of other symptoms. Often at this point, a traditional medical doctor will prescribe medication to control the symptoms. “And, that is what medication does, controls it,” she says, “rather than help the thyroid heal and return to normal.”

Bomback suggests iodine is what the thyroid needs, “But, if the thyroid is too tired or sick,” she says, “you will be ‘whipping a tired horse’ by taking it before you give the thyroid a chance to start healing.”
When Bomback works with a client, she first determines whether some sort of stressor is contributing to the failing gland. Some examples are heavy metals, chemicals such as chlorine, certain foods, or immune challenges. Scars are another type of stressor, with those most common to women being ones from an episiotomy or C-section. Bomback says these scars can inhibit the energy pathway to the thyroid affecting its proper function.

At Natural Health Solutions, Bomback uses a non-invasive method of analysis called Nutrition Response testing to find the cause of ill-health, and then finds the specific nutrition the body needs to restore it to more optimum health. “If it is the thyroid that is causing your symptoms we look to see why, then we address its specific nutritional needs,” Bomback explains.

One of her Hashimoto patients shares, “My M.D. was concerned with the growth of my thyroid. My TSH levels were under control but my thyroid antibodies were 977 (< 35 is normal). He gave me three months; I made some lifestyle changes and began a nutrition program with Dr. Bomback and my M.D. was surprised to see a dramatic drop in my antibodies (319).” Another reports similar results: “I have done blood work for my thyroid three times and my doctor keeps lowering my thyroid medication. I can’t wait to stop taking it all together. That day will come. I’m so happy I’m in a program that works.”

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