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Upcoming Lecture- All About Your Thyroid

//Upcoming Lecture- All About Your Thyroid

Upcoming Lecture- All About Your Thyroid






 So many people, especially women, have a blood test to check their thyroid.  They are told many times that it is fine.  Ok…But why do they still feel bad, with fatigue, weight changes, hair loss, anxiety/ depression, mental fogginess, etc….etc.?  Some blood tests show that a person’s thyroid hormone levels are off and told they need medication to control it.  Medication does not help the thyroid heal and return to normal, it controls it.   Unfortunately, a thyroid blood test is not the best method of determining it’s health.  At Natural Health Solutions we use Nutrition Response Testingsm to find the causes of ill- or non-optimum health and find the specific nutrition your particular body needs to restore your health.  So..if it is the thyroid that is causing your symptoms we look to see why, then we address its specific nutritional needs.  Our results are fantastic!

The only way to find out is to have an evaluation.


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