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Allergy Season Is Here! Will You Be Prepared?

//Allergy Season Is Here! Will You Be Prepared?

Allergy Season Is Here! Will You Be Prepared?

Yay!!…Spring is here!  Can’t wait to get out there, huh?  Me, too.  Unfortunately, for some people there is a price to pay for all that outdoors…runny and itchy eyes, congestion and sore throats that come with high pollen levels.  We’ve seen some allergy symptoms starting and associated fatigue that comes with it.

We have excellent results using Nutrition Response Testing to determine if there is an organ dysfunction underlying the allergic reaction.  We have some great supplements that can help with restoring your health, but what’s most important is definitely what you eat!

If you eat something that you are sensitive to, or too much sugar, there is a reaction the body has that cause inflammation.  One of the chemicals that cause the inflammatory response is histamine.  That is why they sell antihistamine to reduce the symptoms of allergies!  The drugs suppress the body’s natural reaction (histamine) to the toxin.  So, when you eat stuff like wheat, soy, sugar and milk (the 4 most common culprits) you might be causing the histamine to be released leading to inflammation.  Cutting back or eliminating them will be very worthwhile.  Spring is a time of new beginnings, so maybe this could be the start of a new, improved you!


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