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26 Reasons to Get Started Now

//26 Reasons to Get Started Now

26 Reasons to Get Started Now

Top 10 Reasons

1.  We treat the cause of your health problem, not the symptoms.

2.  It costs less than your health insurance premiums.

3.  You will look and feel better.

4.  We don’t use drugs and when you get truly healthy you usually won’t need any.

5.  Your body actually gets younger.

6.  “Incurable” conditions go away

7.  Nutrition can help with women’s hormones, menopause, perimenopause, chronic pain, fatigue, sleep problems, skin rashes, arthritis, gout, bursitis, GERD, acid reflux, fibromyalgia, blood pressure, reversing diabetes and many other problems.

8. We actually look for and find parasites, a condition that is almost completely ignored by the medical community but 90% of us have them.  They are one of the most undiagnosed conditions in this country and they cause a myriad of symptoms and health problems.

9.  There are no precautions, interactions, side effects, contraindications, fast lawyer-talk disclaimers, small print and black box warnings when using whole food supplements and nutrition.

10.  Nutrition can actually heal the body and return all your organs to optimum functioning.  Drugs don’t heal anything.


16 Things Doctors Can Say That Let You Know It’s Time To Come To Natural Health Solutions:

1. It’s all in your head

2. There’s nothing you can do about it

3.  You are getting older….expect it

4.  It’s genetic

5.  It doesn’t matter what you eat

6.  Its totally safe to be on more than one medication at a time.

7.  Cholesterol lowering drugs save lives. (This has not proven to be true)

8.  I don’t know what is wrong, but take this for your symptoms

9.  Take your kids for some ice cream.  It’ll make the ear infection feel better.

10.  Well, you LOOK like you’re healthy

11.  You’ll have to take these for the rest of your life.

12.  If you don’t take this you will die

13.  Your will have to live with this for the rest of your life

14.  Supplements are unnecessary.  You get all the nutrition you need from your food.

15.  Stressed? This drug will help

16.  No one in this country gets parasites.


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