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Are You A Vitamin Junkie?

//Are You A Vitamin Junkie?

Are You A Vitamin Junkie?

Do you buy the latest supplement hoping that it’s the magic pill only to find that it really wasn’t? There is no magic cure especially with the typical vitamin supplement.  Most chemists maintain, molecule by molecule, that synthetic vitamins are identical to natural vitamins.  However, vitamins from whole foods are complexes that nature has designed and in proportion to the way the human body recognizes them.  In other words, vitamin C sold as ascorbic acid is only part of the C complex.  It is the biggest part of the complex, but not the most important part.  So why is it sold that way?  It is easier and cheaper to make ascorbic acid in a lab than to make vitamin C complex from whole food.  It is easier and cheaper to manufacture in a lab from petroleum products than to grow and harvest from crops. The vitamin industry is a billion dollar industry that sells inexpensive fraction-ated products for big money even if they claim “natural”. This is money wasted on supplements that are not whole vitamins and don’t fill in that nutritional gap.  Only whole food supplements can.

Synthetic vitamins may cause improvement of certain conditions for a short time, but the whole complex goes even further.  Long term use of synthetic vitamins can actually lead to vitamin deficiencies as the body tries to “fill in the blanks” left by these fraction-ated products.  So, if they are not in the foods you eat, it will draw the co-factors from your body.  You may feel good for a while but when the co-factors run out, you will begin to feel worse.  The prolonged action of the synthetics imitates the action of drugs; they over-stimulate rather than feed your body.  Science does not even come close to duplicating nature.  Many illnesses, pain and suffering are the result of our dietary ignorance.

Synthetic vitamins will never have the effects of whole food vitamins simply because they are missing many parts of the whole complex.

Give your body what it needs, it’ll make everything else from that.  To sustain good health, your cells must have all the elements they need to perform the jobs of growth and tissue repair in your body.  Your body does not need hundreds of vitamins and minerals in order to maintain itself.  It seems that every month a new miracle vitamin is being touted as the next best thing.  Each cell in your body requires cetain nutrients to maintain its basic metabolic function and keep health.  The body will manufacture everything else from these basic building blocks.

A word about labels.

Many consumers are confused by the labels.  Many labels say “Natural” or “Food-based” or Organic”.  “Natural” is a term used very loosely.  Many things are natural (e.g. oyster shells) but they may not be ideal for human consumption.  “Food-based” simply means that it started with a food product (such as a carrot) but the rest of it was synthesized in a lab.  And if the carrot was organic, then they can also add the word “Organic” to the label.  One way to tell if a product is synthetic is to check the potency.  In reality, high concentrations have nothing to do with potency.  A 10,000 mg capsule of Vitamin C may not necessarily be potent at all!  Remember, you will never see those concentrations or combinations in nature.  They simply do not exist like that except in a bottle manufactured in a lab.  Eat food, not chemicals.

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